My Manifesto

P.S to my Manifesto

More about my manifesto here: Poet Marine Petrossian

On Stone Dreams by Akram Aylisli (1, 2)

My thoughts on Stone Dreams by Azerbayjani writer Akram Aylisli. After publication of this short novel about Armenian pogroms in Azerbaijan, writer’s books were burnt by his compatriots, president Aliyev stripped him of the title of People’s Writer, and a politician offered a reward of $13,000 for anyone who would cut off the ear of a controversial writer.

Argentina, Argentina (1, 2)

This is a short story, though many readers took it for a documentary - the great power of magical realism

Marine, why do you write with "ա " (1, 2)
I wrote a blog post, to explain why I use many elements of spoken language in my writings. It got angry feedback, and then I wrote the second blog post, to analyze them.

My weekly columns in Haikakan jamanak daily, 2007-2009

My essays on political and public issues, published in Haikakan jamanak as weekly columns, during 2007-2009, had huge audience in all strata of Armenian society. At this moment, I can’t give you a link to Haikakan jamanak daily site to read them online, I hope this is a technical problem and will resolve soon.

You can find the essays in my book Red Poster.

Թուրքական զուգահեռականներ, Հետք 2004, ( 1, 2, 3, 4)

In 2004, I visited Turkey for the second time. Here is the route: Yerevan- Istanbul – Samsun – Tokat – Amasya – Sivas – Ankara – Van – Tatvan – Mardin – Urfa – Diarbekir – Istanbul – Yerevan. I came back full of impressions and wrote this essay. All the personal names have been changed.

Antipoetry, or when the Poet does not Seek an Aliby Գրական թերթ, #10, 2000

Analyzing poems of Armen Shekoyan and Vielet Grigoryan, I define Antipoetry as a new movement in contemporary Armenian poetry. This essay aroused hot debates in Armenian literary circles and also influenced my own ways of writing.