The presentation of The Gun has Fired took place at the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art, on July 8. Marine Petrossian signed book copies for the subscribers, as well as non subscribers. She also announced first Wise Friend of my Book prize winners.

Wise Friend of my Book prizes were given to:

Sona Martirosyan
-  for her reading at the Club where Sona read poems from all of my poetry books, thus presenting my poetry route.

Mkrtich Marevosian & Levon Gyulkhasyan (Angulem group) - for the comics version of my book Salas with shots (Drink´n´Draw gatherings).

Then guests were invited to the Small Theater of the ACCEA to watch the film "Marine Petrossian / Inknagir Literary Club, 2011" created by Vahram Aghasyan, Vahe Budumyan, Taga Torosyan and Arthur Petrosyan. The film presents a reading by M. Petrossian at Utopiana Gatherings, as well as the discussion that followed.

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